Open Government and Democracy Policy

Government and democracy must be clean, transparent and fair.

New Zealanders have the right to information used to make decisions that affect their lives, so we must make it easier for people to actively engage as citizens in our democracy.
This means cleaning up politics to ensure the influence of money is not allowed to distort our democratic system.
It also means increasing transparency, so New Zealanders know what is going on and who is influencing the decision-makers.

Specific Policy Points

Electoral Reform

  • Maori fairly and effectively represented in Parliament through guaranteed representation
  • Support Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)
  • Support a fixed election date

Official Information Act

  • Ensure the Ombudsman has the resources needed to respond to all OIA complaints in a reasonable timeframe, and greater powers to censure agencies for non-compliance or lack of co-operation
  • Support legal responsibilities and penalties for public servants to keep good records and ensure staff training on proper implementation of OIA


  • Introduce a statutory register of lobbyists
  • Introduce guildelines for MPs on handling lobbying communications

Election Financing

  • Initiate a review of the overall operation of campaign finance rules, including rules around donations and spending caps and non-political party election activities
  • Introduce tigher limits on anonymous donations, place an annual limit of $35,000 on total donations from any single person or entity, and introduce a ban on overseas donations

Local Government

  • Require Local Government to publish all resource consent applications and decisions, council minutes and order papers, and video of all council meetings and committee meetings
  • Introduce a pecuniary interests register for councillors, similar to that used in parliament, and the source of all campaign donations over $500

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