Population Policy

We love Aotearoa New Zealand, and we want to look after it and all of its people.

We can do this by living and doing business in smarter, greener ways.

Our Population Policy is about understanding the optimal population for Aotearoa, planning for the future, and enabling parents to make informed choices about family size.

Key Principles

  • Māori have a partnership role in determining the population policy.
  • New Zealand's population should not exceed the ecological carrying capacity of the country
  • Informed decisions about family size and spacing will be made by the parents concerned
  • A stable population is desirable to minimise negative impacts on infrastructure and resources

Specific Policy Points

Ensuring Sustainablility of Aotearoa New Zealand's Population

  • Support continuing development of the Ministry for the Environment's Ecological Footprint modelling to incorporate best practice
  • Seek to reduce New Zealand's per capita ecological footprint by supporting practices that curb unnecessary production and consumption

Retention of spare population capacity

  • Regularly review NZ's immigration policy to retain population capacity to absorb climate change refugees and returning NZ citizens

An optimum population and quality of life

  • Raise awareness about the need for sustainable population levels
  • Research what an optimum population level could be in order to maintain both spare capacity and an acceptable standard of living

Aotearoa New Zealand as a responsible global citizen

  • Accept our share of climate change refugees particularly from Pacific Island countries
  • Work cooperatively with other countries to address problems of over-population and environmentally unsustainable lifestyles

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