Recreation and Sport Policy


  • People of all ages and abilities have easy access to a range of recreational and sporting opportunities.
  • Participation in recreation and sport is viewed positively and there is increasing involvement by all New Zealanders regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability.
  • Recreation and sport assist people in maintaining mental and physical health, active lifestyles and contribute to their social wellbeing.

Key Principles

  1. The provision of recreational and sporting facilities should be sufficient to meet the diverse needs of local communities and support a range of activities for all age groups, now and into the future.
  2. Recreation and sport should be accessible to all, and encourage participation by groups whose participation rates are traditionally lower.
  3. Equity is needed between women's and men's recreation and sport with respect to funding, promotion, participation, and prominence in the media.
  4. Communities need access to the natural environment and public open space for a range of recreational opportunities, whilst ensuring sensitive ecological habitats are protected.
  5. Recreation and sport should be provided and promoted in a way that encourages healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours.
  6. The contribution of volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators should be recognised and supported.

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