Tourism Policy

An Aotearoa New Zealand where tourism contributes positively to national and local economic development.

Key Principles

  • That we find ways to ameliorate the impacts of tourism on climate change and the environment.
  • That people coming to New Zealand for holidays enjoy their experiences.
  • That New Zealanders are encouraged to holiday close to home.

Specific Policy Points

Promoting Domestic tourism

  • Direct Tourism New Zealand to encourage domestic tourism.
  • Develop a promotional campaign to encourage people to 'get out into the great outdoors'.
  • Support the ongoing development of distinct reputations for particular regions.
  • Support and promote schemes for domestic tourists to learn organic farming skills.
  • Ensure that tourism training includes strong environmental and cultural components.

Managing the Pressure of Tourism

  • Work with local authorities to resolve issues with waste disposal.
  • Establish a community development fund, providing start up capital for ecologically sustainable small businesses and community enterprises.
  • Develop domestic tourism and eco-tourism, especially those based in less well known locations.


  • Support current initiatives by DOC to make available more land for camping grounds.
  • Require DOC to prioritise recreation over tourism.
  • Expand the nationwide network of cycle/pedestrian trails.
  • Promote rail as a great way to travel and seek to make it more available and reliable.
  • Take real action to reduce climate change and its impacts on sensitive tourism destinations.

Maori Tourism

  • Support a brandmark system to authenticate tourism products and services based on tikanga Maori.
  • Include Maori tourism operators in all initiatives relating to climate change and care for the environment.
  • Promote educational/cultural tourism.

Cultural tourism

  • Support both local communities and the tourism sector to protect ‘at risk’ cultural and historic landscapes and townscapes.
  • Support a brandmark system to authenticate tourism products and services based on NZ cultural heritage, aligned with any similar tangata whenua system.

Maintaining high standards

  • Work with industry to develop a code of practice and brandmark levels for eco-tourism.
  • Develop workable and effective safety standards and codes, particularly in relation to adventure tourism.
  • Ensure increased education on safety for visiting tourists.

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