Transport Policy

A sustainable transport system that supports liveable, people-friendly towns and cities, and enables the movement of people and goods at the least social, environmental and financial cost. 

We can give people more choices, and make our streets safer.

Smarter transport will be better for the economy and our environment.

We can have healthier and more vibrant communities as well as cheaper, easier and greener ways of getting around

Key Principles

A sustainable transport system for New Zealand will:

  • Take into account both the needs of future generations and the urgent need for immediate improvements.
  • Prepare for and adapt to constraints imposed on travel and transportation by peak oil and climate change.
  • Serve all New Zealanders and support vibrant and liveable communities.
  • Minimise harm to people.
  • Safeguard all aspects of the environment and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use energy and other resources efficiently and sustainably.
  • Be financially responsible.

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