How you vote has never been so important.

Between now and September 23, you can vote in the general election.

If you vote Green and want a Labour-led government then voting Green will not split your vote. Every Green vote adds to every Labour vote.

Last year, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Labour, saying we're committed to working together to change the Government. We will not form a coalition with National. 

We need your party vote. Party votes determine the make-up of parliament, whereas electorate votes determine who will represent you locally.

If you support Green principles, values and policies – and want to see action on climate change, then a vote for the Green Party still helps Labour, but will also strengthen the next Government on the issues you care about.

It is great news that Labour are indicating they are willing to act on climate change but they have said they won’t commit to stopping new coal mines and deep-sea oil drilling.

We will be nature’s voice around the cabinet table. We have had 25 years of experience and expertise on climate, environmental and social justice issues.

We are the only party committed to cleaning up our rivers, ending poverty, and building a strong green economy. Party Vote Green for a green heart in Government. 

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This election is also a race between the coalition partners and we are the only party committed to working with Labour. Give your party vote to the Green Party to make sure we get a Labour-Greens government.  

Don’t let Winston decide who's in government - Winston will do what Winston wants.  He has chosen National before, and he could do it again.


Show your love for New Zealand. A vote for the Greens is a vote for:

Clean water: Rivers you can swim in and drinking water you can trust.

Ending poverty: We will increase people's incomes and ensure a fair start for all kids.

Climate action: A clean green economy that cuts pollution and creates well-paid jobs.


The future belongs to those who vote.