We’re creating a sustainable economy

Person by a train

Revolutionising public transport, walking, and cycling

We’ve confirmed up to $14b of new funding over the next 10 years for clean transport solutions. We’re revolutionising how people get around.

Green Investment Fund

We’re establishing the Green Investment Fund with an initial $100m secured in Budget 2018 to fund innovative solutions to upgrade our economy for the zero carbon transformation.

Making climate change history

We’re making climate change history with the Zero Carbon Bill which will set us on track to reach zero emissions by 2050. Using a Green Party approach, we’ve managed to bring along businesses and build cross-party support to make sure this historic legislation lasts.

Putting wellbeing indicators at the heart of decision making

We have long advocated against GDP as the main measure of economic success and this new set of well-being indicators will gauge our culture, natural environment, our social wellbeing and our human and social capital.