We’re creating a sustainable economy

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Zero emissions

Our plan in Government is to adopt and make progress towards the goal of a Net Zero Emissions Economy by 2050.

  • Our Zero Carbon Bill will set us on track to keep New Zealand's emissions consistent with no more than 1.5 degrees of global warming, in line with the latest advice from the IPCC. Using a Green Party approach, we’ve managed to bring along businesses and build cross-party support to give this historic legislation the best possible chance of success.

  • We've established a Climate Change Commission to lead the work on the major policy decisions and changes we need to make to deliver on our climate change goals.

  • A new set of environmental, social and economic indicators have been established to provide holistic measurements of how we are performing against our targets.

Clean transport

Our plan in Government is to reduce congestion and carbon emissions by substantially increasing investment in safe walking and cycling, frequent and affordable passenger transport, rail, and sea freight.

  • We’ve confirmed up to $14 billion of new funding over the next 10 years for clean transport solutions. 

  • Electric trains have been saved from being scrapped in the North Island, supporting out long term emissions goals.

  • A Hamilton to Auckland commuter rail service is being designed.

  • The Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund has been boosted by $11 million to expand the use and possibilities of electric vehicles and other low emissions technology.

Renewable energy

Our plan in Government is to plan the transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 (which includes geothermal) in a normal hydrological year.

  • The interim Climate Change Commission has completed it's initial report which is being considered by the Government.

Low carbon industry

Our plan in Government is to establish our Green Investment Fund to fund innovative solutions to upgrade our economy for the zero carbon transformation.

  • We launched the fund in December 2018 with $100 million initial investment.
  • Read more about our Green Investment Fund on the NZ Treasury website

Sustainable agriculture

Our plan in Government is to provide assistance to the agricultural sector to reduce biological emissions, improve water quality, and shift to more diverse and sustainable land use including more forestry.

  • We have ended subsidies for large-scale irrigation. 
  • The Sustainable Farming Fund has been boosted by $15 million for projects that explore how to farm less intensively and more in tune with the environment, while retaining profitability.

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