We’re making government more accessible

MPs in front of Parliament surrounded by a crowd

Opening ministerial diaries

We’re proactively releasing diaries as an important part of our commitment to transparency. We want the public to have more information about our work so we can be held to account, and so people can learn more about what we are doing in our official capacities. All other Ministers have followed the Green lead on this and will be proactively releasing all Ministers’ diaries.

No corporate hospitality

We have always stood for more transparency around lobbying and access to politicians. Now we’re in government, we think it’s important to take the lead on this issue and try to counter some of the influence of money in politics.

Closing the public gender pay gap

Women are still being paid less than men, and this is unacceptable. Our Minister for Women and this Government as a whole are committed to making substantial progress on closing the gender pay gap this parliamentary term. We’ve launched the Gender Pay Principles for the public sector.

Election Access Fund Bill

Our Election Access Fund Bill, initiated by Mojo Mathers and carried by Chloe Swarbrick, will remove barriers to people with disabilities running as candidates and participating in general elections.

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We're creating a sustainable economy

We’re protecting our environment

We’re building a fair society