Women's Policy

We value women: at home, at work, and in the community.

We want to see all women’s experience, knowledge, work (including unpaid work), and contributions to society properly recognised and valued.

We want all women to be safe from violence, abuse, and ill health.

We have a vision of a New Zealand free from all forms discrimination against women – including economic, political, social, direct, and indirect discrimination.

Our Vision

The Greens envision a world where there is equality between men and women. We wish to ensure that all New Zealand women can enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination on the basis of sex, and that needs and experiences that are specific or common to women are valued and recognised along with the needs and experiences of men. We also wish to dismantle negative compounding effects of gender, ethnicity, disability, and class so that the diversity and uniqueness of all women can be recognized and celebrated as a strength..

Key Principles

The Green Party affirms that:

  • Structural discrimination against women must be undone.
  • Women are not a homogenous group and, to achieve equality, programmes and policies will need to be tailored to meet the needs of diverse groups of women.
  • Acknowledging and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi is an essential step towards equality.
  • Women offer unique and valuable perspectives, and the economy and society does better where women and men share leadership roles. Women's participation in such positions must be encouraged.
  • Women should receive equal pay for work of equal value and women's unpaid work should be valued.
  • Women with family responsibilities should not be discriminated against, and they should be supported in negotiating the tensions between their paid employment and family responsibilities.
  • Women's sovereignty over their own bodies should be protected and enhanced and their specific health needs addressed.
  • Women must be safe from violence, and their freedom must not be restricted by the threat of violence.

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