As a dedicated advocate for environmental causes and social justice, I have actively worked to make a difference in my community. In 2019 and 2020, I ran for local and national elections in an effort to bring about positive change and ensure that the voices of marginalized groups and the environment are heard. Based in Kapanga/Coromandel Town, I am the co-founder of the Coromandel Workers Council, a charitable organization that fights for fair treatment and opportunities for rural workers. In addition to my activism, I also run a consulting and mentoring business. I am committed to protecting the unique beauty and resources of the Coromandel region and to promoting economic and social development that benefits all members of our diverse communities. My passions include the circular economy, preserving and restoring biodiversity, and working towards a more equitable and fair society. I am proud to be a member or supporter of several conservation groups and believe that it is possible to pursue progress without causing irreparable harm to the environment.

Contact: [email protected]