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Empowering NZ

Empowering NZ

There are huge opportunities in the electricity sector to improve people’s quality of life and help stop climate change. But without leadership, we could miss the opportunities that new technologies provide and be stuck with decades of rising power prices and burning fossil fuels.


The Green Party will make electricity more affordable with winter energy payments for more than 500,000 lower-income households, to smooth out spikes in winter power bills. These will cover 75% of the average extra cost of power in winter. Power companies will be required to offer smarter pricing structures that encourage conservation and efficiency. And we’ll lift the lid on power companies’ accounts and the murky wholesale market to make sure everyone’s getting a fair deal.


The Green Party will help combat climate change and embrace the 21st century with solar, electric vehicles, large batteries, and other new technologies. We’ll enable people to use data and technology to get a better deal for themselves and the planet. We’ll ban dirty new power plants, replace the old ones with renewable energy, and set a goal of 100% clean renewable electricity by 2030.


The Green Party will encourage lines companies to work together to save their customers money, and we’ll help communities generate their own power and share it with their neighbours.

New Zealand can be a global leader at the cutting edge of energy systems, creating high tech jobs and exporting our clean energy expertise to the world.

Empowering NZ Policy

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