Green Party Rail Policy

Auckland Transport Plan

The Green Party will save families and students money, reduce pollution, and make it easier to get around the city.

Auckland Transport Plan

Make it affordable

Free buses and trains, all the time, for everyone under the age of 19, with a new Youth Green Card.
The Student Green Card, providing free off-peak buses and trains for all tertiary students and apprentices.
Free off-peak buses and trains for people living with a disability, and continuing the SuperGold Card for older people.

  1. Free buses and trains for kids will halve the price of a family day out from Albany or Papakura to central Auckland, all for less than the cost of building 1km of new motorway.
  2. With one in every three cars at rush hour taking someone to school, getting more kids on buses and trains will free up the roads at peak time for everyone else.
  3. Students and parents will have one less cost to worry about.

Make the buses and trains better

We’re committed to building the Congestion Free Network.

  1. Finish the City Rail Link quickly
  2. Build light rail from the city, through Mt Roskill, Māngere, and to the airport by 2021
  3. Build light rail towards Helensville and dedicated rapid busways to Howick and Botany
  4. A new track on the southern rail line to speed up commuter and freight trains

We’ll fund our plan by reprioritising existing low-value and non-urgent transport spending, a modest new regional fuel tax, and innovative new funding options like land value uplift capture.

Rail from Auckland to Hamilton and Tauranga

The Green Party is committed to passenger rail from Auckland to Hamilton five times daily, and Tauranga once daily, beginning in 2019.

This will enable people to work and rest on the train, and avoid city traffic. The train would take around two hours and 15 minutes from Auckland to Hamilton, and three and a half hours from Auckland to Tauranga.

We would trial this service for five years, at a cost of $20 million, reprioritised from existing transport spending. If the trial is successful we will look at creating a premium, fast rail service between the three cities.

Make it cleaner

Transport is New Zealand’s third largest source of the carbon emissions that are causing climate change and they’re going in the wrong direction, rising 60 percent since 1990. To do our fair share as a country to keep global climate change under two degrees, as we committed to in the Paris Climate Agreement, we need to get transport emissions under control. For example, travelling by train is on average 11 times more efficient than travelling by car.

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