Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Bill

Supporting victims of domestic violence  

Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Bill

Domestic violence has a damaging, yet often hidden, impact on victims' lives. Providing workplace protections for victims of abuse so they can stay in work is critical to reducing the effects of violence, and Jan Logie’s Bill would help that to happen. Staying in employment is critical to reducing the effects of violence. Secure employment enables victims to maintain domestic and economic stability and assists them to a pathway out of violence and to successfully rebuild their lives.

The bill would extend leave provisions to include domestic violence leave as when women leave a violent situation it can be very hard for them to juggle court, counselling, housing and the needs of their children without extra leave. 

We know that work at a regular time and place can make work a target for the abuser, but with a little employer support through flexible working arrangements that can be changed to support the employee.

With the Human Rights Commission currently campaigning for businesses to introduce a family violence policy, the Bill would provide tangible guidance for businesses about what needs to be done to address domestic violence.

This Bill provides legislation that signals domestic violence is unacceptable. This Bill will create a system to support businesses to respond effectively.

Q+A on the bill

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