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Party Policy A-Z | Ā mātou kaupapa here A-Z

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try our policy A-Z.  

Party Policy A-Z | Ā mātou kaupapa here A-Z

Green Party policy is made through a grassroots policy process that is run by the party's Policy Committee, elected by the membership to represent different parts of the country. The Policy Committee gets policy proposals drawn up by groups of interested members or experts within the party membership, and then runs a consultation of the party membership to determine what the final policy should be.

Green Party policy guides all of the work that we do. Green MPs are bound to support proposals which are advancing party policy, and to oppose proposals that are contrary to party policy. They use their collective judgement to decide what position to take on details that are not covered by policy. An MP can vote contrary to party policy if, and only if, they have registered a conscientious objection to the policy before being elected, or when the policy was created.

The Green Party caucus will sometimes develop proposals which go into more detail than the policy made by the membership, most often during election campaigns. These policy announcements can be found here.

The full comprehensive set of member-driven policies are below. 


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