A child on a bike and a child on a scooter

Safe to School

Safe walking and cycling for kids.  

Safe to School

Today, most kids travel to school stuck in the backseat of a car, creating congestion and pollution in our cities.

Safety is the number one concern that stops parents from sending their child to school on foot or by bike.

When parents wave goodbye to their child in the morning they should know they’re going to be safe when riding their bike or walking with their friends to school.

Kids walking, biking or riding their scooter to school are healthier, happier and more engaged at school.

We will:

  1. Reduce the speed limit outside urban schools to a much safer 30 km/h
  2. Reduce the speed limit outside rural schools to 80 km/h, with the option of a 30km/h limit during drop-off or pick-up times
  3. Allocate $50m a year for four years to build modern, convenient walking and cycling infrastructure around schools: separating kids and other users from road traffic, giving a safe choice for families
  4. Get half of kids walking or cycling to school by 2022: reducing congestion; improving health and learning; saving families time and money

Research shows that we can get up to $20 of gains for every dollar spent. That's a billion dollars of gains for each year's $50 million investment.

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