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Conservation - Policy Summary

Eugenie Sage MP
Eugenie Sage MP
eugenie [dot] sage [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

We love our wild spaces and the rich life they contain within them; the Green Party will do everything we possibly can to protect them.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages our conservation estate but currently has only enough resources to actively manage 6% of all threatened native species and control pests and weeds on only 20% of the conservation estate.

The Green Party would properly fund DOC. Conservation extends beyond parks and reserves and is an integral part of communities we live in, our farms, cities, rivers, and the sea.

Caring for nature and the services it provides creates worthwhile jobs for New Zealanders. By looking after our natural environment, we look after our water, soil, air, and food resources.

View our 2008 Conservation Package [1.8Mb PDF]
Read the detailed Conservation Policy.

Key Principles

  • New Zealand's indigenous plants, animals and ecosystems must be protected.
  • Support given to kaitiakitanga of hapu in conservation management.
  • A network protected areas of land and water.
  • Public access to the conservation estate.

Specific Policy Points

Conservation on Land

  • Oppose carve up of DoC
  • Increase funding to restore capacity in science, education and field work
  • Support advocacy role in RMA cases
  • Increase funding for ground-based pest control
  • Increase funding for conservation on private land, eg Nature Heritage Fund
  • Tighten biosecurity measures

Public Access

  • Support walking right of access along waterways
  • Ensure paper roads remain open and adequately marked
  • 'Access Commissioner' to: negotiate, advise, report and develop code of conduct
  • Financial support for landowners who need signs and fencing

Conservation on Land: High Country

  • No land sales to overseas persons unless residing here 185 days per year
  • Moratorium on tenure review while we assess whether it is meeting conservation objectives
  • Assess valuation methods which undervalue Crown interest
  • Boost Nature Heritage Fund to be able to purchase more leases

Conservation with Communities

  • Build on Greens' successful budget bids for community initiatives
  • Improve DOC/iwi relationships
  • Protect RMA
  • Expand Greens' environmental legal aid fund established in 'Budget 2000'

Conservation of the Sea: Pollution

  • Require oil tankers to be double-hulled
  • Passage restrictions to protect sensitive areas

Conservation of the Sea: Protected Areas

  • Pass Marine Reserves Bill and create network of reserves
  • No seabed mining in significant habitats, eg Maui dolphin
  • Step up marine biosecurity efforts
  • Require impact assessment of seabed exploitation in EEZ

Conservation of the Sea: Fishing

  • Impact assessment and best practice for fishing methods
  • Support moratorium on bottom trawling in international waters
  • Set near zero limits for threatened by-catch species in all fisheries
  • Close fishery if limits exceeded
  • Observers on all significant vessels
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