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Democracy and MMP - Policy Summary

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Aotearoa New Zealand has a proportional electoral system that is open, transparent and fair. The country is governed by a parliament where a broad range of viewpoints are represented. Legislation is scrutinised from this range of viewpoints, government action is effective and timely, and stems from the range of concerns represented in parliament.

Key Principles

In Aotearoa New Zealand:

  1. Every adult citizen and permanent resident of Aotearoa New Zealand has the right to vote in the general elections.
  2. Key decisions on the shape of the nation's electoral system belong to the people, not political parties or Parliament.
  3. The electoral system is accessible and readily understood by voters with full government funding of election information in the official languages.
  4. The votes of all electors are of equal weight in influencing election results.
  5. Maori and Maori points of view are fairly and effectively represented in Parliament through guaranteed representation.
  6. Membership of Parliament ideally reflects significant characteristics of the voting population, such as gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class, locality and age.
  7. The number of seats gained by a political party are generally proportional to the number of voters who support that party.
  8. The electoral system encourages close links and accountability between individual MPs and their constituents or constituencies.
  9. The electoral system encourages all groups to respect other points of view and to take into account the good of the community as a whole.
  10. The electoral system provides a Parliament which is capable of exercising its functions as effectively as possible, e.g. promoting policies, passing laws and scrutinising government policies.
  11. The electoral system recognises and facilitates the role political parties play in modern representative democracies.
  12. The electoral system allows all members of the community to endorse the system and its procedures as fair and reasonable.

See the full Democracy and MMP policy for more details.

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