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Health Policy Summary

Kevin Hague MP
Kevin Hague MP
kevin [dot] hague [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

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The Green Party want a high-quality health system that is fair for everyone.

We believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being that is focused on promoting good health, reducing the risk of illness, and improving quality of life.

We are committed to a public health care system that provides the same access and level of care regardless of wealth or income. All the evidence shows that a more equal society is better for everyone.

Key Principles

  • Health care must be publicly funded and be based on treating the whole person.
  • Priority should be given to health promotion and prevention of illness and injury.
  • Health should be valued as taonga.

Specific Policy Points

Public Health and Illness Prevention

  • Prioritise the promotion of health and prevention of illness.
  • Ensure the underlying factors of ill health, such as unemployment, poor housing, and poor nutrition are addressed.
  • Ensure there is a stable, resilient and collaborative health workforce with appropriate skills and expertise.

Hospital Care

  • Provide more specialist outpatient clinics with expanded services.
  • Support smaller 'community' hospitals to improve access to minor surgery, specialist outpatient clinics, maternity facilities and rehabilitation services.

Primary Health Care

  • Review the primary care funding formula to address specific requirements for practices looking after high needs populations.
  • Support well-trained community health workers, parent support workers and other carers to engage with specific population groups and communities.
  • Provide a high level of home support services for older people who are willing and able to continue living at home.

Mental Health

  • Utilise client-assessed outcome measurement tools to compare service effectiveness.
  • Fund innovative initiatives that indicate high recovery rates with low/minimal drug use.
  • Ensure both inpatient and community (including residential) services are well-resourced for people living with, and recovering from, mental illness.

Māori Health as Taonga

  • Support research partnerships to meet the urgent need for research that benefits Māori health.
  • Increase accessibility of health services to Māori.
  • Ensure Māori representation and consultation at all levels of the health service.
  • Support rongoa Māori (traditional Māori healing) practitioners and practices.

Maternity Services

  • Improve funding for postnatal care, and support for women with postnatal depression.
  • Improve access to appropriate birth facilities and lead maternity carer, particularly for rural women.
  • Investigate why the number of interventions and caesarean births has increased.


  • Reduce distorted demand for prescription pharmaceuticals by prohibiting direct-to-public marketing by drug companies.
  • Support the independence of PHARMAC and ensure that it can prioritise public benefit over restrictive trade obligations.

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