Political parties should stop naked political self-interest and accept the Election Date change: Greens

Green Party Co-leader James Shaw said today:

“The Green Party has always held the view that any change in Election Day should ensure that our democracy and collective health is strong."

“A change to the Election Day should occur because it is what is best to keep us safe and protect our democratic right to vote.

“We believe the date change to October 17 achieves that fine balance during a very challenging time.

“We have been incredibly disappointed to see the National and other small parties continue to use the weekend to bang on about what would suit them best politically when it comes to the Election Day date.

“Frankly, many New Zealanders would have heard loud and clear that these parties prioritise their potential electoral successes over the health of our communities, and the strength of our democratic institutions.”

Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson said today:

“We support the Prime Minister’s decision to move the date to October 17. Those additional four weeks should provide time for the public health response to get on top of the current outbreak.  

“We would encourage all politicians to accept the new date and to stop undermining the public's faith in the democratic process.

“Families, small businesses and community organisations have all had to adjust to the circumstances presented by this global pandemic.

“Political parties should do the same."