Protecting our environment so it can be enjoyed by future generations means living in sustainable ways and ensuring our ecological footprint is within limits the environment can sustain.

We need to reduce our ecological footprint

  • Government actions should reduce Aotearoa New Zealand’s per capita ecological footprint by supporting practices that curb unnecessary production and consumption.
  • Government should research New Zealand’s ecological footprint and our ecological limits.

There is no “fixed and final” correct population for Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Government should research what an optimum population level could be in order to maintain environmental sustainability and an acceptable standard of living
  • Tangata whenua must be involved in any decisions about population.
  • People have a right to choose whether to become parents or not.

Aotearoa New Zealand can be a responsible global citizen

  • We should work cooperatively with other countries to address problems of over-population that exceeds environmental capacity.
  • Immigration policy should be regularly reviewed to ensure we can accommodate returning New Zealand citizens and Pacific people displaced by climate change.




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