Support shouldn’t be conditional and our plan isn’t either. Our plan is a new, simple safety net that works for all of us. It’s our plan to improve our communities long-term, so all people in New Zealand can live with dignity, put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Here’s our Poverty Action Plan headlines:

  • A Guaranteed Minimum Income of $325 per week for students and people out of work, no matter what.

  • A Universal Child Benefit for each child under three of $100 per week.

  • A simplified Family Support Credit of $190 per week for the first child and $120 per week for subsequent children to replace the Working for Families tax credits with a higher abatement threshold and lower abatement rate.

  • Additional support for single parents through a $110 per week top-up.

  • Reforming ACC to become the Agency for Comprehensive Care, creating equitable social support for everyone with a work-impairing health condition or disability, with a minimum payment of 80% of the full-time minimum wage.

  • Changes to abatement and relationship rules so people can earn more from paid work before their income support entitlements are reduced.

  • A 1% wealth tax for those with a net-worth over $1 million.

  • And two new top income tax brackets for a more progressive tax system that redistributes wealth.

Our Poverty Action Plan will ensure everyone not in full-time paid work gets at least $325 a week, with extra support for those who need it. That means support for students and people out of work, extra help if you’re sick or disabled, and simple payments for families so all kids can thrive. It recognises that everyone’s circumstances are valid.

The money we need to support each other is already there. But right now, unfair rules are funnelling it into the padded pockets of the few rather than fairly distributing it amongst all of us. Our plan rewrites the rules and makes sure the wealthiest people in New Zealand pay their fair share.

A small 1% contribution for the wealthiest New Zealanders means transformational change is possible. It’s a simple and fair way to even the playing field and unlock the resources all of us need to thrive and participate fully in our communities.

During COVID-19 we saw our collective ability to work together to change the system in a way which benefits all of us. Our Poverty Action Plan will level the playing field, and ensure all people living in New Zealand can live with dignity, put a roof over their heads, and food on the table.

Read the two page summary on our Poverty Action Plan here. 

Read the full policy here.