Recently I announced the next big step in our plan to chart Aotearoa’s course to a brighter future - our Clean Energy Plan that ditches fossil fuel and replaces it with clean energy flowing from our sun, wind and rivers.


  • Families harnessing the power of the sun from their own homes and wind farms dotting the countryside.
  • An Aotearoa where we power our lives and our communities without hurting our precious environment. 
  • Handing your kids and grandkids a cleaner and safer future and knowing that because of you they will not only survive, but thrive.

A Green voice in government is crucial if we are going to create a future where all of us not only survive, but thrive - and we need to leave behind our dependency on fossil fuels if we have any hope of this happening. It is only with the Greens in a coalition government that this can become a reality.

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