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Picton residents need protection from poison fumes: Greens

Tag: Health

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley is calling on the Marlborough District Council and the Marlborough Port Company not to allow fumigation of logs with ozone-depleting Methyl Bromide to resume on February 14 at Shakespeare Bay.

"The plan is to fumigate the logs under tarpaulins on February 14th. After the fumigation is complete, they will simply lift the tarpaulins and release the highly toxic Methyl Bromide gas directly into the atmosphere, where it can waft over to residents living nearby to Shakespeare Bay," Ms Kedgley says.

"It is totally unacceptable to use this fumigant gas in the open, so close to residents and to passengers and workers at the nearby ferry terminal. It puts their health at risk and must be stopped for health and environmental reasons.

"I call on the Marlborough District Council and the Port Company to do the right thing, listen to local residents, and stop the planned fumigation," Ms Kedgley says.

"If the Council and the Port is determined to continue fumigating logs at Shakespeare Bay, they need to invest in a recapture facility and fumigate the logs in a closed facility where the gas cannot be released directly into the atmosphere."

Methyl Bromide is one of the most ozone-depleting substances, and it is environmental vandalism to knowingly release a substance that destroys ozone directly into the atmosphere, Ms Kedgley says.

"The hole in the ozone layer is already huge and poses a risk to all New Zealanders. It is the ultimate in shallow thinking to continue to release substances that will increase the ozone hole, just for short term profitability - especially when there is the safe alternative of using recapture technology to fumigate the logs in a closed facility."

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