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Rebuilding Christchurch

Eugenie Sage MP
Eugenie Sage MP
eugenie [dot] sage [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)
Mojo Mathers MP
Mojo Mathers MP
mojo [dot] mathers [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

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The people of Christchurch have spoken. Let's build a city that delivers prosperity and protects the environment; a city designed to reflect 21st century values and technology. We need to rebuild communities, not just buildings.

The principles of sustainability and accessibility for buildings, transport and green spaces can be used in the Christchurch rebuild. We need to future proof Christchurch and build in resilience to earthquakes, rising oil prices and environmental hazards.

Accessible Christchurch

Accessible Christchurch is our campaign for equal access for everyone, everywhere, in the rebuild of Christchurch. Green MP Mojo Mathers is working with the disability and wider community in Christchurch to make sure that no one gets locked out of new buildings because they have a disability or because they can't get a push chair up the front steps. The rebuild is an opportunity to get accessibility right for everyone, but too many new buildings are not meeting access standards. The Building Code access requirements are out of date, and a review is long overdue. We need action now from the Government to make this city accessible.

A petition was signed by thousands of New Zealanders and presented to Mojo Mathers on the steps of Parliament on 3 December 2013, the UN Day for Persons with Disabilities. The rebuild of Christchurch gives us a special chance to create an amazing place that absolutely everyone can get into, move around in, live, work and play in. Instead, outdated building standards mean that buildings are going up now where people can't even get in the front door. We need action now from the Government to review these standards and make this city accessible.

Reconnect Christchurch

Our vision is for a Christchurch that everyone can get into, around, and enjoy. Reconnect Christchurch is our campaign to design effective, smart, sustainable transport and urban design infrastructure through cycleways, bus lanes and a compact, close-knit city.

We are calling on the Christchurch City Council and the Government to make a solid commitment to the cycleways proposal to encourage safe separated active transport. Christchurch could be the cycling capital of New Zealand.

Here's a video we made with local Christchurch cycling enthusiasts, sharing the reasons for why they cycle. 

We would also like to see: a strong system of bus lanes so that public transport can operate efficiently; accessible design to enable everyone to be able to use public transport, including those with disabilities; and a more compact Christchurch instead of poorly designed urban sprawl that will become increasingly unaffordable as fuel prices rise. 

Loss of democracy

Suspension of elections in Canterbury

We continue to campaign for democracy in Christchurch. Cantabrian ratepayers have been unable to elect their regional council representatives for too long and this lack of democracy in Christchurch is unacceptable.

Report: The Future of Christchurch

We spoke to the people of Christchurch about what they wanted from the rebuild. Our report summarises what we heard and what we think the Government needs to do to make it happen.

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