Our country is an amazing place to live, and needs a brilliant energised Green team with a vision for Aotearoa that follows the principles of ecological wisdom, social responsibility, democracy and nonviolence.

The Green Party has achieved many wins in the last three years, but it is just the beginning of the journey towards a cleaner, lower carbon, sustainable New Zealand for everyone to enjoy.

I’m excited about representing the Green Party in Wigram, Christchurch for the upcoming election of 2020. New Zealand needs the energy and passion the Greens bring in government, and of course we all know that the planet certainly needs good Green policy change! This will be the fourth time I have stood in my home electorate, having called Christchurch home since 2001.

I have a partner who is a GP, and four kids aged between 4 and 10 years old. I hold an engineering degree from Auckland University, and since the earthquakes of 2010 I have worked in the project management field. Aotearoa needs the Green Party at the heart of our government.

Please think ahead and Party Vote Green.

Contact: richard.wesley@greens.org.nz