I have been an advocate for the environment, the climate, human rights and social justice for most of my life. A teacher for three decades, teaching is my passion, aiming to empower young people to better understand the world and make it an awesome place for everyone.

We only have one planet and I believe we all have a responsibility and duty of care to look after it. Having children, and being able to look them in the eye and say I stood up for these values, just reinforces that point.

I stood as the Green Party candidate in Whangarei in 2011 to help get Green MPs into parliament, albeit in opposition. I stand again now with the aim of increasing the Green vote to surpass 10% and put the Greens firmly in government. The Greens are needed now more than ever to help tackle the issues of a climate emergency, the environment, child poverty, income inequality, and the breakdown of public services and infrastructure which are in a chronic state due to the failed neoliberal policies of the past three decades of both National and Labour. The Greens have the practical and ethical policies, not least of which is an equitable tax system, to put us on the right track and provide a fair and livable planet for all.

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