I’m standing as a candidate because I want people to have access to the resources they need to thrive. Poverty is not an inevitable outcome of economic growth but a political choice that can be reversed with the right policies.

I am an experienced and determined advocate for the health and wellbeing of diverse communities like Christchurch East. 

Born in Somalia, I arrived in New Zealand in 1990 as an asylum seeker, settling in Christchurch. I trained as a nurse in New Zealand and have 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors. 

In my current work, I support former refugees and asylum seekers resettling in Canterbury. I believe we must recognise the importance of providing universal healthcare to all who have chosen to make this country their home, including those displaced as refugees.

Maintaining culture and a sense of belonging in multiple communities is crucial to me and informs my work. Former refugees and migrants bring diversity and richness to our society, and their contributions are essential to the fabric of Aotearoa. They bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences that can enrich our culture, economy, and social structures.

I am a person of integrity with a commitment to the Green Charter, demonstrated by my personal, professional and community work. 

Contact: [email protected]