I am a 55 year old migrant Indian woman who arrived in Aotearoa in December 2001. Ko Sahyadri toku maunga. Ko Arabian Sea toku moana. Ko Maharashtra toku hapu. I whanau mai o I te taha o te awa o Mumbai.

I am a single mum to an 11 year old boy who is not my biological child. I am a student of Vipassana, a GP, a filmmaker, a writer, a stirrer. An activist highlighting the fascist ideology of Hindutva and how it is dangerous to the world.

I have voted Green for a long time then became a member of the Lower Hutt branch in 2018 but stopped attending meetings after my son came to live with me. I moved to Tamaki Makaurau in 2019 and got busy with GP work. Plus the protest movement against the Narendra Modi government, identifying the Hindutva elements in Aotearoa, mobilising the community etc. In November 2022 I renewed my membership with the intention of putting my hat in the ring for 2023 elections.
I care about this world, about people, about the environment, about equity, justice, safety...I have much to contribute. With aroha and respect.
So here I am.

You can reach Sapna via email at [email protected], on Facebook, or on TikTok.