Our farmers are already leading the way toward climate-friendly agriculture - but governments must support them to go further, faster.  

The Green Party knows that farmers can be part of how we reset our economy and build back better after COVID-19. By making good decisions about our recovery now, we can have a thriving, sustainable farming sector that is more profitable and reduces its impact on our climate, waterways, and nature.

Our Farming for the Future Plan works with farmers and growers to transform our agriculture and horticulture sectors from being one of the biggest impacts on our climate and natural environment into one of its biggest solutions. 

Here’s what our Farming for the Future Plan includes:

  1. Encouraging sustainable farming practices by reducing the use of harmful fertilisers. 

  2. Supporting our farmers to improve the ways they grow food and fibre with a new Healthy Food and Farming Fund. 

  3. Helping Kiwi farmers get a fair reward for their efforts by developing a robust national sustainability accreditation scheme.

  4. Changing the rules around forestry, to encourage more native trees and ensure our land use is diverse and sustainable. 
  5. Connecting urban communities to food production by supporting community gardens.

Sign on in support and help us spread the word about our plan to transform farming for the future. 

Find out more about our Farming for the Future Plan here.