Supporting the mental health of New Zealanders with a massive investment in existing and new services


We hear the people who are struggling with their mental health or addiction.

Budget 2019 is a significant step towards delivering the Green Party Confidence and Supply Agreement to enable “everyone has access to timely and high quality mental health series, including free counselling for those under 25 years,” and an increase in funding for addiction services.

The heart of wellbeing must be the mental health of our people.

Budget 2019 delivers

  Budget 2019 Page Number $ OPEX $ CAPEX
Expanding Access And Choice Of Primary Mental Health And Addiction Support  38 455.1m  
Expanding And Enhancing School Based Health Services


38 19.6m  
Expanding Telehealth And Digital Supports For Mental Wellbeing
38 20.8m  
Improving Support For People Experiencing A Mental Health Crisis
38 8m  
Intensive Parenting Support: Expanding The Pregnancy And Parenting Service To Improve The Wellbeing Outcomes Of Parents And Their Children 38 7m  
Mental Wellbeing Support For Parents And Whānau
38 10m  
Preventing Suicide And Supporting People Bereaved By Suicide
39 40m  
Promoting Wellbeing In Primary And Intermediate Schools
39 2.2m  
Forensic Mental Health Services for Young People 40 19m