Te Reo Māori in all schools | Kia hōrapa te reo Māori ki ngā kura katoa

The Green Party in government will revitalise te reo Māori in Aotearoa by giving all our kids the opportunity to learn it at school. 

Te Reo Māori in all schools | Kia hōrapa te reo Māori ki ngā kura katoa

Our goal is that all New Zealand school children will be able to learn te reo Māori at school by 2030, and we have a plan to achieve that.

This is how the Green Party is doing it: 

  1. Hosting a hui with experts to plan how to implement te Reo Māori as a core curriculum subject in all public primary and secondary schools from Year 1 to Year 10 by 2030.
  2. Work with the education and te Reo Māori sectors to create te Reo Māori curriculum guidelines.
  3. Develop a targeted strategy with incentives and scholarships to drive teacher recruitment.
  4. Increase specialist te Reo Māori teachers and kaiārahi i te reo.
  5. Establish formal clusters of te Reo Māori teachers, with facilitation and technical support from Language Advisors.
  6. Negotiate to honour the Te Kōhanga Reo settlement claim (WAI 2336), and provide additional resource for kaupapa Māori education.

Despite huge progress over recent decades, the survival of te Reo Māori is still not assured. We have a responsibility to ensure that our indigenous language thrives in Aotearoa, and introducing all children to it at school is the best way to make that happen.

Learning a second language has proven benefits for children, as does Māori students being immersed in their own culture. The Green Party’s plan will ensure that the Crown meets its obligations to protect and revitalise te Reo Māori, and will lift outcomes for all students.

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