We are the only party here in Aotearoa that has seriously been committed to taking strong climate action over many decades.

The actions this government has taken are because the Greens have pushed - and pushed as hard as we can.

The ERP, New Zealand's first Emissions Reduction Plan, is the government's first big commitment to reach our climate reduction budgets and reach net zero by 2050. Finally, we have a commitment and a plan to act on climate, all while creating jobs and making polluters pay.

You know the compromises other parties are willing to make. You know what happens when the Greens are not there to push for progressive green policies and outcomes. We are not willing to let that happen again.

That's where you come in. We’ve got a generous, long term Green Party supporter who will match donations up to a total of $25,000.That means you are effectively doubling the funds you give us. And altogether, that’s a massive $50,000 boost for the Green Party.

Your donation will make all the difference towards strengthening our party and setting ourselves up for a more effective election campaign next year. Aotearoa needs bold, decisive action on climate - and for us to be able to do even more, the Green Party needs to be stronger than ever.

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