Our kiwi, our kōkako, and our mountain kea are some of the greatest living treasures on Earth. Nearly half our birds are found nowhere else on the planet. Millions of tourists come here every year to see our pristine wild spaces.

But our native birds and wildlife are in serious trouble. One-third of our birds are facing extinction and many could disappear within our lifetimes.

To save our native birds and threatened species and see them thrive, we need to invest a great deal more money into conservation and pest control.

The Green Party will:

  1. Restore the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) role as nature’s primary defender. By doubling DOC’s baseline conservation budget within five years we can double the number of DOC rangers and the technical staff and scientists who support them, and double the amount of pest control on conservation land. Cost: $192 million in 2023.
  2. Stop all new mining on the conservation estate, strengthen legal protection for threatened species and the places where they live, and create a strong, overarching conservation action plan.
  3. Support community-based conservation and conservation on private land by doubling the government funding they can receive and better co-ordinate the great work of conservation volunteers nationwide. Cost $24 million in 2021.
  4. Increase funding for Predator Free 2050 through a $20 levy on international tourists entering New Zealand, raising $65 million per year for Predator Free New Zealand by 2021.

Doubling DOC’s budget for conservation will be phased over five years meaning that, by 2023, DOC will receive an additional $192 million in baseline funding per year.

From this, DOC will be able to fund an additional 720 frontline rangers, scientists and senior rangers. It will also enable DOC to double the pest control it does.

An additional $17 million by 2021 will enable doubling of funding for conservation work on private, QEII, and Māori land.

We estimate the new $20 tourism levy will, by 2021 raise $65 million per year for Predator Free New Zealand.

Under a Government with a Green heart, New Zealand’s natural treasures — our wildlife, forests, rivers, and oceans — will finally be in safe hands.

More information

This new revenue will be split 75:25 between conservation and tourism, i.e. $15 of the levy is for conservation and $5 is for tourism infrastructure.
It will generate $58 million in its first year Predator Free NZ, with revenue rising with tourist numbers to over $1.5 billion by 2050.
It will generate about $80 million over four years ($20 million per annum on average) for the Regional Tourism Facilities Fund.

Safeguarding our indigenous biodiversity is a key part of our Confidence and Supply Agreement. Our Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage is delivering on this, including through the biggest increase to DoC funding in over 15 years.

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