Green Party Rail Policy

Wellington Transport Plan

The Green Party will save families and students money, reduce pollution, and make it easier to get around Wellington.

Wellington Transport Plan

We will fast track light rail to Newtown and the Airport, help deliver a fully electric bus fleet, and make Wellington safe for cycling.

Wellington is at a crossroads. Our population is growing, our buses are at capacity, and traffic is getting worse. Wider motorways and more flyovers will bring more traffic into the city. The Green Party has a different vision, where people have real choices about how to travel, high capacity, modern public transport allows thousands more people to access the city centre, and more space is provided for people to walk and cycle safely.

Make it affordable: the Green Card

  • free buses and trains, all the time, for everyone under the age of 19
  • free off-peak buses and trains for tertiary students and apprentices
  • free off-peak buses and trains for people living with a disability
  • continuing the SuperGold Card for people over 65.

A major part of Wellington’s morning traffic is made up of the morning school run. Getting more kids on buses and trains will help free up the roads for everyone else. Students and parents will have one less cost to worry about.

See more about free public transport in Our Transport Plan.

Make light rail happen

  • by 2025 light rail from the train station to Newtown
  • by 2027 light rail extended to Kilbirnie and the airport
  • commission a scoping study to extend light rail routes to Miramar, Island Bay, and rail into Lower Hutt.

Make buses cleaner and cycling safer

  • support councils to deliver a fully electric bus system, by 2030
  • invest $30m - $50 million to help retain and improve trolley buses and infrastructure
  • $135 million over 10 years to help councils to build safe city-wide cycling networks, including the Wellington to Hutt Valley cycleway.

Regional rail improvements

  • Commit to funding the Capital Connection commuter service to Palmerston North
  • Improve services on the Wairarapa line by providing consistent funding and double tracking the line between Trentham and Upper Hutt.

The Green Party’s Wellington transport plan can be fully funded by re-prioritising existing spending away from low-value and non-urgent transport projects.

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