All people should have the opportunity to contribute to society through stable and dignified work, caring for each other, and volunteering in their communities.

Local, sustainable jobs should be actively created

  • Government should actively support job creation in sustainable industries like energy efficiency, waste management, and organic agriculture and horticulture.
  • Small businesses and the community sector should be supported to create local jobs and have access to funding to support employing and training people.
  • Government should increase training and mentoring programmes for people considering self-employment or starting a small business.

Government should ensure work opportunities are available to all people

  • The number of apprenticeships should be increased.
  • Equal employment opportunities programmes, training, and support should encourage women, Māori, people with disabilities into higher-paid areas of employment.
  • Unemployed people, including long-term unemployed people, should have individually tailored support to enter training and employment.
  • Immigrants and refugees should have access to courses, qualifications and ways of having their experience recognised in Aotearoa New Zealand.

New Zealanders can have better work-life balance

  • We should work towards a 35-hour standard working week.
  • Employment legislation should ensure people can live balanced and varied lives, with time to relax and pursue leisure activities and personal interests.
  • Parents should be able to request flexible working arrangements.

Workplaces should be fair, healthy, and safe

  • The minimum wage should be no less than 66% of the average wage and apply equally to youth and trainees.
  • Women and men should receive equal pay for work of equal value.
  • Employment relations legislation should encourage collective bargaining.
  • No one should be compelled to work for below the minimum wage, such as through “work for the dole” schemes, or to compromise caring for their children in order to work.
  • Government should work with sectors that have high rates of casual and seasonal work to ensure fair and safe working conditions and pay.


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