The abandoned generations poised to be left out of budget


National’s admission it will break its promise to reduce child poverty in tomorrow’s budget is the latest sign that the National Government has abandoned New Zealanders under 40, the Green Party says.

“New Zealanders aged under 40 have been abandoned by this Government. Younger New Zealanders have never had it so tough and this budget is looking set to do nothing to change that,” said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.

“People under 40 have never been less likely to own a home, never been burdened with more student debt,  never been more likely to be under-employed, and in the case of children, never been more likely to be sick from a disease of poverty or to turn up to school hungry.

“John Key doesn’t seem to understand that unless the economy is working for everyone, it’s just not working.

“Bringing a quarter of a million children out of poverty should not be a nice to have. It should be top of the Government’s budget priorities.

“John Key acts as if he has had no choice about how to spend the country’s money but he has a choice, and so far that’s been to not invest in younger New Zealanders.

“The Government chose to cut taxes for the wealthy, to run an expensive flag referendum, to unnecessarily send troops to Iraq and to grow the wealth of those lucky enough to already own several homes.

“Yet they have cut support for students and sat on the side lines while home ownership has slipped from young New Zealander’s grasp.

“Poll after poll shows New Zealanders want action on reducing child poverty but there is no sign the Government is listening,” Mrs Turei said.


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