Co Leader Metira Turia

Metiria Turei MP

Co-leader, spokesperson on child poverty, Māori affairs
Co leader Dr Russel Norman MP

Russel Norman MP

Co-leader, spokesperson on climate change, finance, economics


Our policy guides how our MPs vote in Parliament. Green Party policy is shaped by our members, who actively share expertise on critical issues.

For a cleaner environment

We love Aotearoa and we want to protect it. Our kids have a birth right to swim in clean rivers, fish in the sea, and walk in pristine forests.

For a fairer society

The Green Party envisions an Aotearoa New Zealand which celebrates diversity and encourages appreciation between groups.

For a smarter economy

The Green Party has a plan to create a smart economy that will deliver real prosperity for everyone and help the environment.


Co Leader Metira Turia
Metiria Turei MP on May 4, 2015

The Green Party is challenging the Government to make good on its promise to tackle child poverty in this month’s Budget, as its other promises fall by the wayside to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.

“The Government has promised two key things from Budget 2015: a surplus, and action on child poverty. It’s already failed on its surplus goal and will be judged harshly if it fails to improve the lives of the quarter of New Zealand kids living in poverty,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

Co leader Dr Russel Norman MP
Russel Norman MP on May 3, 2015

Thank you Mayor Carter. It is great to be in the sunny North today.


The commitment of funding to complete the Twin Coast Cycle Trail is great news.


This funding will make a truly great ride from coast to coast and offers great tourism opportunities for this region.


Working with the Government on the New Zealand Cycle Trail has been a very important project for the Green Party.


We are proud of the part we have played in this partnership with National, which exemplifies smart green policy in action.


Auckland Central candidate Denise Roche MP
Denise Roche MP on May 1, 2015



DENISE ROCHE (Green) to the Minister of Transport : Does he stand by his statement that “Auckland must have a transport system that meets the demands of its growing population and we are committed to working with the Auckland Council to help make sure Auckland succeeds”?

Hon SIMON BRIDGES (Minister of Transport): Yes.

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