Co Leader Metira Turia

Metiria Turei MP

Co-leader. Spokesperson for Inequality, Building and Housing (inc. Social Housing, Housing NZ), and Maori Affairs

James Shaw MP

Co-leader. Spokesperson for Climate Change and Economic Development


Our policy guides how our MPs vote in Parliament. Green Party policy is shaped by our members, who actively share expertise on critical issues.

For a cleaner environment

We love Aotearoa and we want to protect it. Our kids have a birth right to swim in clean rivers, fish in the sea, and walk in pristine forests.

For a fairer society

The Green Party envisions an Aotearoa New Zealand which celebrates diversity and encourages appreciation between groups.

For a smarter economy

The Green Party has a plan to create a smart economy that will deliver real prosperity for everyone and help the environment.


Co leader Dr Russel Norman MP
Russel Norman MP on August 1, 2015

The Government should come clean about what concessions it has already made and what issues have been left on the TPP negotiating table, the Green Party said today.

“The Government has purposefully left New Zealanders in the dark during the TPP negotiations because they know that Kiwis will baulk when they find how much we’re set to lose if it goes ahead,” said Green Party trade spokesperson Dr Russel Norman.

Kennedy Graham
Kennedy Graham MP on July 31, 2015

It is not hyping it to say that the 7,499th meeting of the UN Security Council was unique.

The Council has had its moments.  There was 1956, 1962, 2001 and 2003.  But for the most part it has been, at the risk of contradiction, business-as-usual in conflict management – warning errant states, slapping sanctions, renewing peacekeeping missions.  Not to understate it, but that is what the Council was set up to do.

Kennedy Graham
Kennedy Graham MP on July 31, 2015

With the lack of a formal document on climate change from New Zealand’s term as President of the Security Council, the Global Community has lost a critical opportunity to do the right thing on climate change, said the Green Party today.

Dr Kennedy Graham, the Green Party’s global affairs spokesperson, has been following the Open Debate on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) from the floor at the Security Council.

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