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Metiria Turei MP

Co-leader, spokesperson on child poverty, Māori affairs

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Co-leader, spokesperson for economic development, commerce, trade & investment, tourism, small business, sustainable business, SOEs, open government, electoral reform.


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We love Aotearoa and we want to protect it. Our kids have a birth right to swim in clean rivers, fish in the sea, and walk in pristine forests.

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The Green Party envisions an Aotearoa New Zealand which celebrates diversity and encourages appreciation between groups.

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The Green Party has a plan to create a smart economy that will deliver real prosperity for everyone and help the environment.


Kennedy Graham
Kennedy Graham MP on July 7, 2015

The National Government’s paltry emissions reduction target announced today means that New Zealand is not pulling its weight internationally when it comes to climate change, the Green Party said.

The Government announced a 2030 emissions reduction target of 30 percent off 2005 levels. This translates to an 11 percent reduction on 1990 levels.

Catherine Delahunty MP
Catherine Delahunty MP on July 7, 2015

Environment Minister Nick Smith should not be endorsing the Taranaki Regional Council’s State of the Environment Report released today, because the Council didn’t follow his Ministry’s own rules when collecting the water quality data.

“Nick Smith should not be endorsing a report which paints an incomplete picture of water quality in the Taranaki region,” said Green Party water spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.

Ms Delahunty was referring to the public release of the Taranaki State of the Environment Report, by Nick Smith at the Quality Hotel in Taranaki today.

Catherine Delahunty MP
Catherine Delahunty MP on July 7, 2015

Freshwater contact recreational water quality at selected Taranaki sites State of the Environment Monitoring Report 2013 – 2014:

On page 24, the Council admits it does not follow MfE guidelines when it comes to measuring water quality for recreational purposes, except in two cases:

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