Animals are worthy of care and respect, but current rules allow animal abuse and exploitation.

Aotearoa could easily have a world-leading animal welfare system, but many animals are mistreated and subject to cruelty.

The Green Party has championed animal welfare for decades, as the leading voice in Parliament on issues like factory farming, greyhound racing, and cage-free hens and eggs. Meanwhile, other parties have backed down on promises to ban rodeos and cruel production practices like farrowing crates. 

The Green Party will strengthen Aotearoa’s animal welfare standards. We will outlaw harmful activities such as factory farming and rodeo, protect companion animals from abuse and exploitation, and ensure animals in agriculture live happy and comfortable lives.

The Green Party will:

  • Ban or phase-out harmful activities including live export of animals, use of animals in rodeo, greyhound racing, factory farming, farrowing crates, and the “backyard breeding” of companion animals under inhumane conditions.

  • Support farmers to ensure animals are provided with appropriate shade, shelter, and comfortable resting areas.

  • Create dedicated champions for animals by establishing a Minister for Animal Welfare and a Parliamentary Commissioner for Animal Welfare, and boost funding for animal welfare programmes.

  • Review the operation of the Animal Welfare Act and increase funding for compliance monitoring and enforcement, to achieve better coordination between the Act and other Codes of Welfare.

  • Oppose animal testing except in very limited circumstances.

  • Ensure the accuracy of “free range”, “cruelty free” and other animal welfare product labelling.


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