Another “no frills” vision on tax

It could not be clearer: more Green MPs is the only way New Zealand will get a government that will rebalance the tax system and provide everyone with what they need to live a good life.

“The Prime Minister’s speech today could not have been any clearer about the need for a stronger Green Party voice in the next Government. That is the only way Aotearoa will get a government that will take bold action to build a cleaner, fairer future for all of us,” says co-leader of the Green Party, Marama Davidson.

“Only yesterday, New Zealanders were given explosive evidence that the wealthiest few percent in this country are not paying their fair share, while accumulating massive unearned wealth. The super-rich in Aotearoa are paying a lower effective tax rate than nurses and teachers.

“Not only this but Government spending in 2022 on welfare (including superannuation), health, and education was only just above the combined wealth of the 311 covered in yesterday’s report.

“The money we need to support each other is clearly already there. But, as we saw yesterday, unfair rules are keeping it in the padded pockets of the few rather than fairly distributing it amongst all of us.

“It is time to be bold and rewrite the rules to make sure the wealthiest people in New Zealand pay their fair share. People can see clearly that what is stopping this from happening is a majority government.

“It’s not good enough for politicians to rely on tired and disproven arguments about restraining spending. It shows a lack of vision for building the fair and inclusive Aotearoa we need. The political choice is clear: we can have a more equal society with better public services if the Government acts sensibly on tax.

“We cannot let another generation inherit the burden of slow progress.

“2023 is the greatest opportunity Aotearoa will ever have to elect a government that will create a liveable future for all of us,” says Marama Davidson.