Australia and New Zealand Greens make joint call for leadership on refugees

The Green Parties of Australia and New Zealand are jointly calling for leadership from Prime Ministers Turnbull and English on the fate of refugees detained on Manus and Nauru Islands.

The two Prime Ministers are meeting in Queenstown today. Prime Minister Turnbull struck a deal in late 2016 with President Obama for America to resettle 1250 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru, but the fate of this agreement under President Trump is unclear.

“It is time that our Prime Ministers showed leadership on this issue and took action to resolve the situation for refugees who have spent years languishing in inhumane detention camps,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“The most important thing is that these men, women and children who have fled war and suffering are finally given the opportunity to live in safety and freedom.


“Prime Minister Turnbull needs to urgently confirm whether these refugees will actually be resettled in the United States under Donald Trump’s Presidency,” said Mr Shaw.

“Malcolm Turnbull and Bill English could today, with the stroke of a pen, bring an end to the years of unimaginable suffering the refugees on Manus and Nauru have been put through by the Australian Government. We hope that they have the courage to do so,” said Australian Green Party leader Dr Richard Di Natale.

“A lack of courage from successive Australian Governments, both Liberal and Labor, is what’s got us into this horrendous situation. Choosing the easy way over the right way has made a mockery of the values we stand for as Australians and threatens to turn us into a human rights pariah.

“What matters most is finding a swift and humane resolution to this situation.

“Australians and Kiwis want our leaders to show a basic level of human decency and do the right thing. Prime Ministers Turnbull and English need to step up and resolve this situation,” said Mr Di Natale.