Benefit numbers no reason to celebrate

The latest figures from the Government about getting people off benefits don’t translate into more jobs for New Zealanders, the Green Party says.

Benefit numbers from the Government show that although fewer people are receiving welfare, the number of cancelled benefits as a result of “Obtained Work” has also dropped.

“National needs to show their heavy-handed sanction-based approach to welfare is actually getting more people off benefits and into work. The numbers suggest it is not.” Green Party Social Development spokesperson Jan Logie said today.

“These figures show that two out of five people who are coming off benefits are going into work or study. The Government has no idea what is happening to three out of five people who are coming off benefits.

“The Minister has a responsibility for social development, and kicking people off into a scrapheap is not good enough.

“Focusing on reducing the numbers receiving welfare, whilst overlooking jobs created, is in fact sacrificing people for the appearance of political success.

“The Government’s policies have resulted in an insecure, unstable workforce with many beneficiaries slipping through the safety net.

“The Government should not be proud of releasing figures like this which fail to tell the true story of New Zealand’s unemployment numbers.

“The people of New Zealand need a Government to show some real leadership, rather than fudge the figures. Government needs to review its punitive approach to benefits and invest in job creation, “ said Ms Logie.