Budget 2016 opts for future tax cuts over real investment

The Government has clearly signalled that tax cuts next year are more important than trying to fix the big issues we’re facing today, like the housing crisis, the Green Party said today.

“This Government is more interested in getting re-elected than showing real leadership and vision for our country,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“Auckland is bursting at the seams – it desperately needs more houses and more investment in its infrastructure -- but this Budget offers neither of those things.

“Nobody should be living in cars or garages in New Zealand, yet Budget 2016 doesn’t guarantee the building of a single new state house.

“The Government has incredible resources to draw from to invest and build thousands of affordable houses so everyone can live in a home to call their own.

“National’s education funding cuts are attacking the very heart of our schools. A basic education is no longer free in New Zealand.

“Some new funding for health doesn’t make up for population growth and the increased pressures our aging population is placing on hospitals.

“The Government also holds most of the levers to drive our economy towards a clean, low carbon future yet continues to do as little as it can get away with to move us in this necessary direction.

“A tax cut in election year will do nothing to fix these fundamental, generational issues, leaving the country weaker, divided, and more polluted.

“National’s only vision for New Zealand is that it remains governed by the National Party,” said Mr Shaw.