Change to property management rules on the agenda

The Green Party is welcoming the Real Estate Institute’s campaign to change property management rules, launched today.

“We’ll be looking to meet with industry leaders to discuss how we can make progress together,” said Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson.

“People who rent deserve their homes to be safe and secure and to be treated with dignity,

“Property managers have a lot of power over tenants with no rules about how they can and can’t behave. This needs to change,

“Unethical behaviour by some property managers includes allegations of extortion, false reporting, privacy breaches and other unacceptable conduct,

“This leads to poor housing outcomes for many renters including some of our most vulnerable communities,

“Working with the industry to put in place proper regulation will help solve this problem.


Notes for editors

Today the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand has launched the ‘Call for Change’ campaign:

Over 30 organisations currently support the campaign, including Consumer NZ, Salvation Army, Property Council NZ, Habitat for Humanity, Renters United, Tenants Protection Association, and the Citizens Advice Bureau.