Child poverty must not be second broken Budget promise

The Green Party is challenging the Government to make good on its promise to tackle child poverty in this month’s Budget, as its other promises fall by the wayside to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.

“The Government has promised two key things from Budget 2015: a surplus, and action on child poverty. It’s already failed on its surplus goal and will be judged harshly if it fails to improve the lives of the quarter of New Zealand kids living in poverty,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

“The National Government has shown where its real priorities are, by borrowing to pay for its tax cuts for the wealthy, and promising even more tax cuts in future years, while reducing real funding for both education and health.

“New Zealanders are consistently calling for action on child poverty. Community organisations today launched the #endpovertynz campaign to try to convince the Government to use the Budget to improve the lives of children.

“However there are worrying signs the Government is not in touch with either the reality of life for children in poverty or the desire of New Zealanders for real change.

“National has already broken its key promise in last year’s election – to deliver free doctors’ visits for kids under 13. The Green Party has revealed one in ten kids will miss out on a free visit when they’re injured.

“The Green Party is committed to raising family incomes and creating real change for children in poverty and supports the calls of the #endpovertynz campaign” Mrs Turei said.