Community sector under huge strain after eight-year funding freeze

The Government needs to urgently increase funding for community sector groups which are struggling to cope with the growing number of people who need their help, the Green Party said today.

The New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services released its Vulnerability Report today which outlines the huge strain that the community sector is under because of an eight-year funding freeze by the National Government.

“Thousands of New Zealanders depend on organisations like the Salvation Army and Presbyterian Support to house, feed and clothe their families, because they can’t get that help from this Government,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

“When these community organisations are pushed to financial breaking point, like they are now, it means our most vulnerable New Zealanders are missing out on the help they desperately need.

“The chronic housing shortage, the growing homelessness problem, and the growing reliance of some families on foodbanks shows that New Zealand desperately needs a more compassionate government than what National is offering up.

“If the Government doesn’t want to take responsibility for directly providing these desperately needed services, then the community sector should get adequate support and funding to be able to.

“We need a well-connected and resourced community sector to ensure that children are not falling through the gaps,” said Mrs Turei.