Condolences for Dr Ranginui Walker

The Green Party offers its condolences for the passing of Dr Ranginui Walker of Te Whakatōhea.

“Dr Walker was held in huge esteem throughout New Zealand and by many of us in the Green Party,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

“I have been on many panels with Ranginui and he has always been open to a fiery debate. He was incredibly well informed, highly opinionated, and always willing to have an open conversation.

“As a Māori activist lawyer, then politician, I have always had a lot to learn from listening and watching kaumātua like Ranginui Walker. The Green Party and I will miss him.

“Dr Walker wrote that the quest for a fair partnership under the Treaty was ‘struggle without end’. Despite his passing, his work in helping to bring new generations together in a better understanding of that partnership endures,” Mrs Turei said.



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