Congratulations to McDonald’s on moving to free-range eggs

The Green Party welcomes McDonald’s commitment to use free-range eggs in its restaurants nationwide, and is calling on all food providers, both large and small, to follow suit.

“To have a major corporation commit to going free-range is fantastic,” said Green Party animal welfare spokesperson Mojo Mathers.

"It sends a strong signal that keeping hens in cruel cages is no longer acceptable.

“Ideally this move will translate into real financial stability for New Zealand free-range egg farmers.

“This is also a great time to acknowledge New Zealand consumers, who have been leading the free-range revolution in this country.

“Supermarket sales of free-range eggs are growing and more and more cafes are opting for free-range over caged eggs.

“McDonald’s has obviously caught wind of this and has made the decision to go free-range.

“The next logical step would be for McDonald’s to use free-range chicken meat and bacon across its food products, but this is a great start," said Ms Mathers.


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