Aotearoa Greens Global is a Network for overseas-based and overseas-connected members of the Green Party of Aotearoa. Our mahi is centred around connecting, engaging and representing our international Aotearoa community within the Party, and empowering our international electorate to understand how they can participate in democracy at home. 

Overseas Party members also have a 'home' Electorate, Branch and Province, based on where they vote. This ensures that members living overseas can still participate in internal Party processes.

If you would like to join Aotearoa Greens Global please contact [email protected] 

For general queries please contact:

Co-convenorsKylie Stewart and Simon Wood

[email protected]

Aotearoa Greens Global Executive

Membership Secretary: Vicky Edwards

[email protected]

International Secretary: Francisco Hernandez

[email protected] 

Asia Pacific Greens Federation Councillor: Emily Sutton

[email protected]

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