CYFS Minister needs to support our kids

The Government must not use the Rebstock review to justify their own irrational ideological obsession to privatise CYFS, the Green Party said today.

“The ‘radical overhaul’ that the Minister has signalled after seven years in Government should not result in a free-for-all grab of core Government services,” Green Party women’s spokesperson Jan Logie said.

“The Rebstock review is being used as a stalking horse for companies like Serco to get in and make profit out of some of the most vulnerable children in New Zealand.

“Shopping out advocating for children to be funded by philanthropy is just not good enough, it is a core Government service.

“CFYS needs an emergency injection of cash to immediately protect the children in danger.

“CYFS also needs a reduction in caseloads for over worked staff, and more support for people looking after some of the nation’s children.

Minister Tolley has also repeatedly refused to rule out forcibly stopping some people from having kids.

“Women should retain control and choice of their bodies, no matter what.

“We support more contraceptive choice and education to be freely available for people through the Family Planning Association. But this should never involve coercion.

“The Green Party would also like to see the Government addressing the harsh poverty and shoddy houses that too many New Zealand families are living in.

“This Government keeps making choices that disadvantage the kids of this country.

“The Minister needs to rule out these frightening measures and take them off the table for the review,” Ms Logie said.