CYFS’s radical overhaul should not include privatisation

The radical overhaul that is needed for kids in CYFS care to thrive should not include privatisation or abdicate government responsibility the Green Party said today
“The Rebstock Report acknowledges previous recommendations have not been implemented and tragically children’s safety has been compromised,” Green Party Social Development spokesperson Jan Logie said.
“We needed urgent action at CYFS years ago.
 “I am pleased that the report is supporting a more child centred approach from Child, Youth, and Family and is pushing for greater funding.
“The Children’s Commissioner already has a statutory responsibility to oversee and monitor implementation of the CYFS Act and advocate for children.
“Unfortunately, a lack of funding has been a limit to the important work that the Children’s Commissioner does of advocating for children caught up in the system.
“I am worried that one of the centrepieces of the proposed reform, an independent children’s advocate, is one of the few ideas with enough detail to properly assess and it won’t be funded by government.  
“I hope this is not an indication of Government’s longer term plan to abdicate its responsibility for more of our most vulnerable citizens.
This looks like yet another example of the Government ducking responsibility for helping Kiwi kids have a chance, just like when they voted down our Feed the Kids Bill.
“Looking after vulnerable children is a core Government service that should not be further outsourced or privatised.
“The private sector is not the answer for CYFS,” Ms Logie said.